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Daisy Flower Earrings - April Birth Month Flower

Daisy Flower Earrings - April Birth Month Flower

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These Daisy Flower Earrings are the perfect accessory for April birthdays. Crafted from sterling silver, these unique botanical-inspired earrings feature an intricate daisy flower design, making them a petite and beautiful representation of the April birth flower.

These sunny springtime blooms have several positive meanings. The meaning of a daisy flower can be purity, innocence, new beginnings, joy and cheerfulness. In the Victorian Era, daisies symbolized innocence, loyalty and an ability to keep things secret.

Handmade from sterling silver sheet metal and stamped with punch and hammer. Choose between ear wire options for a perfect fit.

Product Details

  • Charm Width - 1/2"
  • Drop Length - 1 - 1 1/4"
  • 22 Gauge Disc
  • Earwire Choice - French Hook, Leverback, Kidney Wire, Beaded Crystal French Hook


Sterling Silver

Solid, precious metal that lasts forever. It darkens with time, but can be polished up. Oils from your skin help prevent silver tarnish... so wear it often!

14/20 Gold Filled

A practical balance between cost and quality, our gold-filled pieces have a thick layer of 14k gold, heat and pressure bonded to a high-quality brass core. They contain much more real gold than regular gold-plating.

Care Instructions

Caring for sterling silver jewelry.

Will sterling silver tarnish?

This precious metal will last a lifetime, but it is particularly prone to tarnishing—sweat, salt, cosmetics, sulfur and the acidity of our skin are the main culprits. It may sound strange, but even the air works to tarnish your sterling silver! Hot, humid conditions—and naturally occurring sulfur in the air—are particularly harsh on the metal. (Speaking of sulfur, exposing your jewelry to sulfur-rich foods, like onions and eggs, can tarnish it too.)

The good news? Tarnish isn’t permanent, and it’s easy to minimize it, prevent it and clean your sterling silver pieces to return them to their full, icy glory.

How do I clean and protect sterling silver jewelry?

  • Wear it often—our easiest tip for how to clean silver jewelry. The oils in our skin naturally polish sterling silver and keep it from tarnishing; this metal loves to be worn!
  • Keep away from chemicals. Harsh cleansers, cosmetics, fragrances and chlorine are no-nos.
  • Store your pieces safely. Tuck your jewelry in an airtight container to prevent oxidation, and make sure it isn’t contacting any tissues or papers that may be acidic.
  • Polish once a month. Use your polishing cloth to buff away tarnish—such a simple way to make a big impact.
  • Try a baking soda soak. If your piece is heavily tarnished, line a pan with aluminum foil, fill with water and add 1 tsp salt and 2 tsp baking soda. Soak it for 5 minutes and watch your piece lighten (like magic)! This is especially helpful for chains or other creviced pieces a polishing cloth won’t fully clean.

Caring for gold fill jewelry.

Will 14k gold fill tarnish?

It really depends on what touches it, how you clean it and how you store it! Gold-fill jewelry consists of a thick layer of solid gold that’s been heat and pressure-bonded to a high-quality brass core, and contains much more solid gold than gold-plated jewelry.

That said, keep your gold-fill jewelry away from the usual culprits: chlorine, hot tubs, sunscreen, sweat, fragrances, saunas and harsh cleansers, as they can corrode that thick layer of gold over time. Unlike sterling silver (which loves to be worn!), gold-fill jewelry can also be more sensitive depending on your unique body chemistry. Removing your pieces before sleep and wiping them gently after use can make a big difference in keeping them bright and shiny.

How do I clean and protect gold-fill jewelry?

  • Keep away from chemicals. Harsh cleansers, cosmetics, fragrances and chlorine are no-nos.
  • Store your pieces safely. Tuck your jewelry in an airtight container to protect it from the humidity in the air.
  • Polish sparingly. Use your polishing cloth to buff away tarnish—but use a soft hand! Even gold-fill jewelry’s thick outer layer of gold can be slowly corroded by over-polishing.
  • Try a gentle soak—a great tip for how to clean jewelry if it’s heavily tarnished! To do this, soak it in clean water with a touch of mild dish soap or cleanser, then carefully pat it dry.

Return Policies


Didn’t absolutely love your jewelry? Send it back for a refund (minus an $8 shipping & handling fee) within 30 days of your delivery date, processed 1-2 weeks after we receive your return.


Need a different size or want a totally different item? Send it back and we’ll give you store credit (in a digital gift card) to use whenever—free up to 6 months, processed as soon as your return package is received.

Repairs & Remakes

We’ll happily fix your pieces or update any personalization that wasn’t quite right—free up to 3 months for most items, processed 1-2 weeks after we receive your piece(s). Pricing varies on older orders.

Final Sale

Returns and exchanges aren’t available for personalized items.

  • Made from Refined & Recycled Materials
  • Handmade for you from Michigan, USA
  • Typically Shipped within 1-3 Business Days
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Sterling Silver Earring Collection - Handmade Just For You!

Hand Stamped or Laser Engraved Designs

  • Materials - Primarily made from Sterling Silver but some designs are available in Gold Filled
  • Choice of earrings - french hook, lever-back, kidney or hand beaded french hook
  • Designs are stamped or engraved text, handwriting, design or logo
  • Custom design requests are welcome

Designed, crafted from sheet metal & shipped from Michigan, USA